It's Amazing what you can see with your ears.

2013 Winners

Best In Show:

Antfood for “Metamorphosis” for Good Books

Best Original Song:

Primal Scream for “Trampoline,” Fruit Of The Loom

Best Original Score:

Human for “Manny,” Hennessy

Outstanding Adaptation:

Human for “Toy Car World” Google Fiber

Best Use of Licensed Song:

Good Ear Music for “Whatever’s Comfortable (Odetta’s “Hit Or Miss”), Southern Comfort

Best Sound Design:

Blast for “One Block,” Sony Xperia Ion

Most Effective Use of Music in a Campaign:

Pirate for “Red Stripe—Hooray Beer,” Red Stripe

Best Use of Music for a Film or Game Promo:

Copilot Strategic Music for “Drunken Whaler,” Dishonored/Bethesda Softworks

Best Use of Music / Sound for Web or Interactive Branding (Tie):

Yessian for “Compilation” for Nick Cave’s Dream Bigger Dreams

Antfood for “Metamorphosis” for Good Books.

Outstanding Mix:

Blast for “One Block” for Sony Xperia Ion

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