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2014 Winners

Best in Show:

Chipotle "Scarecrow", duotone audio group

Best Original Song:

“Body Builder,” Go Daddy, JSM Music

Best Original Score:

“The People Take Arms,” Bacardi, duotone audio group

Outstanding Adaptation:

“The Boxtrolls Trailer #2,” LAIKA, Walker

Best Use of a Licensed Song:

“Guinness Sapeurs,” Guinness (Song:  “What Makes A Good Man?”  by The Heavy), Finger Music & Sound Design

Best Sound Design (tie):

“Intelligent Sounds,” Intel Tablets, Nylon Studios AND “Training Tracks”

Gillette Clear Gel Deodorant, BBDO New York

Most Effective Use of Music in a Campaign:

“Baby Face,” Old Spice Body Spray, Walker

Best Use of Music for a Film or Game Trailer:

“Wolfenstein: The New Order,” Original Score: COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound Featuring “All Along The Watchtower” Artist:  Jimi Hendrix

Best Use of Music / Sound for Web or Interactive Branding:

“The Scarecrow,” Chipotle (Song:  “Pure Imagination”  Artist:  Fiona Apple), Music Supervision: duotone audio group

Outstanding Mix:

“The Getaway,” Diehard, Cutters Studios

Most Effective Sonic Branding:

“Showtime ID,” Showtime, Q Department

Most Impactful Radio Commercial (tie):

“Sing About It,” Charmin, Butter Music and Sound

“My Country,” Moms Demand Action, tonefarmer

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